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Welcome to Diamond Drop.

Controls are: Arrow keys or mouse, and spacebar flips.

The object is to make a Tri.

This is a blue up Tri:

This is a blue down Tri:

The color in the middle does not affect anything.

For each Tri you get: 100 x level x Combo multiplier
If you clear the entire board which takes more luck than skill, you get 10,000 x Level
You get 1 point x level for every time you speed up the dropping of a piece.

Watch a video on how to play:

Click to play the game

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There is an upgraded pay version specifically for the Chrome browser.
Buy upgraded version for Chrome $1.99
It has a better level speed curve. It has animations when you complete Tris. It has better mouse control. It can be played on a touch screen. It has a high score feature.

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